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The Heart of the Appalachian Trail

Virginia Offers Challenge and Respite as Midpoint for Thru-Hikers

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Heritage Music Shapes the Future of Southwest Virginia on The Crooked Road

As U.S. Route 58 winds west along the southern border of Virginia into the Blue Ridge Mountains, the road takes on another name — The Crooked Road: Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail is a 330-mile driving route through Southwest Virginia.

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The Story Behind an Iconic American Hike: A Conversation With Philip D'Anieri

Author Philip D’Anieri spoke about the history of the Appalachian Trail inside and outside Virginia, why he chose to cover the trail’s history through a human lens, and the inseparability of urban planning from the natural environment.

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Following The Crooked Road: A Conversation With René Rodgers

Dr. René Rodgers, head curator at the Birthplace of Country Music Museum in Bristol, spoke about Virginia’s role in the popularization of what’s now known as country music.

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Press Releases

SmartRoof to Expand in Virginia, Creating 400+ New Jobs

November 28, 2022

SmartRoof, one of the East Coast's leading roofing companies, will invest $350,000 to expand in Fairfax County. The company will relocate from its current location in McLean to 11091 Sunset Hills Road in Reston.

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Skip Barber Racing School to Relocate Headquarters in Virginia and Establish Performance Driving School

November 22, 2022

Skip Barber Racing School, the world's largest automotive education and entertainment company offering driving and racing schools, will relocate its headquarters and establish a performance driving school in Halifax County.

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Healthcare Management Firm ARDX® to Expand in Virginia

November 17, 2022

ARDX®, a government healthcare management and technology consulting firm, will invest $2.4 million to relocate and expand in the City of Norfolk.

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Rene Rodgers Podcast Headshot VER Q3 2022

Following the Crooked Road: A Conversation With René Rodgers

September 30, 2022

Head Curator, Birthplace of Country Music Museum

Philip D'Anieri Podcast Headshot

The Story Behind an Iconic American Hike: A Conversation With Philip D’Anieri

September 30, 2022

Author, “The Appalachian Trail: A Biography”

Anne Kress Podcast Horizontal Headshot VER Q2 2022

Creating Positive Outcomes for Students and Employers: A Conversation With Anne Kress

July 5, 2022

President, Northern Virginia Community College

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