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Our Quarterly Publication: Virginia Economic Review

Our Quarterly Publication

A Fresh Take on Food Production

Four centuries after the advent of the agriculture industry in Virginia, the Commonwealth is again at the forefront of agricultural innovation.

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Virginia Researchers Develop Tomorrow’s Ag Breakthroughs

Virginia universities and research institutions are leading the way to improve controlled environment agriculture in the Commonwealth and spur nationwide agricultural development.

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Aquaculture Companies Seek Profitability Through Sustainability

As traditional methods of harvesting oysters started flailing, a family business turned toward innovative aquaculture to rebound oyster populations. 

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Peanut Processors Rely on Consistent Virginia Quality

Any discussion about Virginia peanuts needs to start with a clarification between Virginia peanuts and Virginia Peanuts. The lowercase former refers to peanuts grown in the Commonwealth; the capitalized latter is one of four peanut cultivars grown in the United States. If you’ve ever cracked a peanut out of a shell at a baseball game, that was a Virginia Peanut.

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Press Releases

Ship Repair Facility to Expand in Virginia

Lyon Shipyard to expand capacity in the City of Norfolk, creating 134 new jobs

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Governor Glenn Youngkin Announces Opening of Virginia-Taiwan Trade Office

New Taipei City trade office solidifies commitment to strengthen Virginia and Taiwan's economic and trade relationship

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International Yeast Products Manufacturer, Leiber, to Establish First U.S. Operation in Virginia

Leiber to invest up to $20 million in Rockingham County facility, creating 35 new jobs

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Case Studies

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