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Ensures VEDP’s efficient and effective administration, sets organizational strategies and vision, and manages VEDP's individual divisions. 

Business Investment

Works with Virginia’s regional and local economic development organizations to identify and convert high-potential leads and prospects into project opportunities, manages site selection projects, and supports business retention and expansion activities for existing firms.

International Team

Represents Virginia abroad, identifying and converting high-potential international leads and prospects into project opportunities for the Commonwealth.

Economic Competitiveness

Develops and implements best-in-class economic development policies, processes, and investments to enhance state economic competitiveness, and ensures local communities are development-ready and prepared for business investments.

International Trade

Supports the growth and expansion of Virginia’s local firms seeking international markets through administration of targeted programs.

Virginia Talent Accelerator Program

Provides customized recruitment and training solutions that give Virginia a competitive edge in securing business investment projects.

Virginia Office of Education Economics

The Virginia Office of Education Economics (VOEE) mission is to leverage data to inform educational programming, policy, and workforce partnerships across the Commonwealth.

Regional Talent Solutions and Business Outreach

Connects Virginia businesses with workforce solutions and collaborates with partners to strengthen relationships with existing businesses.

External Affairs

Oversees the budget, legislative, and policy development process, and encourages collaboration and coordination among partners.

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VEDP Office Location

901 East Cary Street
Richmond, VA 23219

804.545.5600 (General)
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info [at] vedp.org

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