Hands Connecting Strings

Educational institutions across Virginia are finding innovative ways to work with businesses to provide a pipeline of potential employees while also creating better employment outcomes for the students they serve. From leadership training modules through community colleges to campaigns to expose students to potential careers at younger ages to novel programs designed to improve diversity, companies are finding Virginia’s educational institutions and community partners to be enthusiastic participants in creating a sustainable workforce.

Check out these articles to learn more about how these innovative partnerships benefit businesses, communities, and employees alike.

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Valley Roads Vineyards

Piedmont Virginia Community College Connects Wineries, Breweries with Skilled Talent

Second Quarter 2022

Piedmont Virginia Community College offers the Commonwealth’s only workforce training certificate programs for training future viticulturists, winemakers, brewers, and tasting room managers. 

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Anne Kress Podcast Horizontal Headshot VER Q2 2022

Creating Positive Outcomes for Students and Employers: A Conversation With Anne Kress

July 5, 2022

President, Northern Virginia Community College

Earl Buford Horizontal Headshot VER Q2 2022

When Education Meets Employment: A Conversation With Earl Buford

July 5, 2022

President, Council for Adult and Experiential Learning

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