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Virginia Economic Review

This issue of Virginia Economic Review details Virginia’s extensive history serving energy-intensive industries and the Commonwealth’s efforts to transform its energy production to meet the needs of the industries of the future. Article highlights include:

  • State of Acceleration
  • Preparing to Meet Virginia’s Long-Term Energy Needs
  • Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind Project Hits Major Milestones
  • A Hub for Energy Research in Southwest Virginia
  • Virginia’s Transformer Manufacturers Power Up
  • New Industry, New Workforce

Past Issues

VER Q3 2023 Cover Imagery

Third Quarter 2023

This issue features a deep dive into the emerging industry of quantum computing, a field with the potential to unlock innovations for companies across a wide swath of industries.

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Second Quarter 2023

This issue takes a deep dive into the controlled environment agriculture industry’s past, present, and future, while highlighting traditional agricultural operations in Virginia.

VER Q1 2023 Cover

First Quarter 2023

This issue details the things that represent Virginia and its influence on America’s governance, economy, culture, and norms.

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April Wade, Executive Director, Virginia Nuclear Energy Consortium

Nuclear’s Role in the Future of Clean Energy: A Conversation With April Wade

January 4, 2024

Executive Director, Virginia Nuclear Energy Consortium

Bob Blue, Chair, President and CEO, Dominion Energy, Inc.

Charting a Cleaner Energy Future for Virginia: A Conversation With Bob Blue

January 4, 2024

Chair, President, and CEO, Dominion Energy, Inc.

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